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DID YOU KNOW is produced as a service to our friends in the valley.   It is produced on a biweekly basis and contains information about various areas of the law, businesses, non – profit organizations, or civic groups in our area.  We hope you find it both entertaining and informative.

       DID YOU KNOW:

Drivers licensed in the State of New Hampshire between the ages of 16 and 21 are issued a youth operator's license.

Any driver on a youth operator's license who is under 20 and is convicted of any motor vehicle offense except driving an unregistered or un-inspected vehicle, is subject to a revocation of his license by the Department of Motor Vehicles:

For a first offense the revocation period is up to 20 days

For a second offense the revocation period is up to 45 days

For a third or subsequent offense the revocation period is up to 90 days

And in addition to that license revocation, depending on the motor vehicle offense, the Court may also be required to suspend your license for an additional period of time, depending on the offense, such as in the case of drunken or reckless driving.


                                   BUT THAT'S NOT ALL

Any driver who is driving under his first license is also subject to the suspension of his license for an indeterminate period by the Department of Motor Vehicles if he/she

a)       is the subject of a written complaint from a police officer alleging that he/she was driving in a manner which

          constituted a hazard to public safety, or

b)       has had three or more at fault accidents during the term of that original license

                                     WAIT - THERE'S MORE

Just as with any other driver licensed in New Hampshire , the conviction for any motor vehicle offense results in demerit points assessed against youthful drivers.  And, the younger you are (up to age 21) the less demerit points you need to accumulate over a one, two, or three year calendar period to result in an additional suspension of your license.


When that officer gives you that ticket and informs you that you need not go to Court if you choose, but can mail in your guilty plea with the fine recommended on the ticket – remember the fine assessed is not necessarily the repercussion of most consequence.   If you feel you have a defense to that ticket – think twice before mailing in the fine.   Chances are you will soon be driving to a motor vehicle hearing – but you probably won't be driving home……………..